Bulgaria political crisis: All you need to know about June 20 protest
Bulgaria political crisis: All you need to know about June 20 protest.

Sofia, Bulgaria: The protest of June 20 witnessed a massive gathering of the Bulgaria citizens who hosted the strike to show support for the ruling party. The rally was also attended by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov along with other government officials, including Cabinet ministers and political allies.  

The rally was conducted in the capital city of the Balkan state – Sofia and was also the first day of the three-day consecutive strikes being announced ahead of the no-confidence motion debate in the parliament. 


Addressing the Bulgarians, Prime Minister Petkov cited, “No matter what happens with the vote of no confidence, no matter what occurs in the week in which we receive the first mandate (to seek to form a government, if his falls), the truth is that you are the guarantor that our beloved homeland will not fall into uncertainty”. 

PM Petkov’s party (We Continue the Change – WCC) needs to get six more MPs to prove a majority in the parliament.  

“We are constantly speaking to different MPs; this is a matter of fear and responsibility, everyone has to make a decision, and I hope that many people will decide at the last minute that it is actually worth taking that step, which seems scary at the moment. They tried for several months using different methods via different channels, but all they understood was that we would not deviate from our principles. This was the first reason that drove them crazy, that for the first time in Bulgaria, we have people who are not ready to negotiate away their own principles”, the WCC leader further adds. 

He then added that the initial step is to clear the mafia from the country and then build truthful and real institutions so that PM does not depend on a certain group of people. This will also bring institutional stability to the country, where the laws will also be obeyed.  

The fate of the ruling government will be decided this week in the parliament