COVID testing and vaccination vital for tackling future waves of mutant: WHO
COVID testing and vaccination vital for tackling future waves of mutant: WHO.

World Health Organisation (WHO) believes that to prepare well for the future COVID-19 waves, the countries are required to bolster their healthcare infrastructure and must focus on vaccine equity. 

“To insulate people and economies against future waves of the COVID-19 virus, the governments, businesses and individuals should continue to focus on the five main elements”, stated the international agency. 


Below are the 5 points mentioned by WHO are – 

  1. Immunization: Vaccinating 100% of the health workers over 60s and everyone at increased risk is the most effective way to save lives, protect health systems and drive a sustainable economic recovery.
  2. Testing: COVID-19 testing is critical to ensure that the right people are put on the right treatment at the right time.
  3. Treatment: New antiviral treatments can be lifesaving for the people who contract COVID-19 mutants, especially those most at risk.
  4. Preparation: Health technologies are required to be equitably accessible. The governments of the countries must look at the underlying challenges of distributing manufacturing globally.
  5. Keep strengthening: Investing in public and primary health care is essential for safeguarding countries, societies and economies against the impacts of future pandemics and other health emergencies. This includes investing in a strong and skilled health workforce with the fair pay, working conditions, equipment, training, career opportunities and respect they deserve. 

The authorities of the international health agency then reminded the general public that the “pandemic is not over yet”. 

As per the official statistics, till June 25, there are a total of (5,221,515,328 individuals) 66.9% world population who is partially vaccinated by taking at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the WHO. 

On the other hand, there are a total of (4,777,023,937 individuals) 61.2% of the total global population, who is fully immunized by taking the recommended number of COVID-19 vaccines, the data further reveals. 

Although, still there are many nations that contain vaccination rates below 40%, which was an official mark set up by the WHO.