PM Terrance Drew attends 91st Anniversary of SKNLP, appreciates residents for their support

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew, Prime Minister of the federation St Kitts and Nevis, expressed a great deal of pleasure and happiness during the celebrations of the 91st Anniversary of St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) at the Annual National Conference held on (Sunday) May 21, 2023

Dominica: Finance Minister Irving McIntyre discloses significance of Spouse and Parents bill

Roseau, Dominica: Irving McIntyre, Finance Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, recently discussed the importance of the Spouse and Parents bill under the Maintenance Act 2023 in Roseau, the country's capital, during the most recent session of parliament. He claimed that the legislation is progressive and adaptable, with unique advantages for spouses and senior elderly

Bulgaria: Russian aggression may threaten security, But no risk of military conflict

Dimitar Stoyanov, the acting Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, shared his thoughts after the end of the two-day meeting of the defence ministers of the NATO countries. He stated that Russia and his actions are currently a risk to Bulgaria's national security

Bulgaria: parliamentary group representatives didn’t invite Ambassadors of Russia and Belarus to 48th National Assembly’s opening session

Eleonora Mitrofanova, the Russian ambassador to Bulgaria, and Nikita Leshukov, the Belarusian embassy's chargé d'affaires, were not invited to the 48th National Assembly's opening session on October 19

Agneza Popovska gets appointed as North Macedonian Ambassador in Bulgaria

Agneza Popovska has recently presented her credentials to President Rumen Radev at the ceremony conducted at Dondukov 2. She was appointed as the ambassador of North Macedonia after an absence of two years in which North Macedonia didn't have an ambassador in Bulgaria

Bulgaria elections: Former Prime Minister Borisov takes back the presidency, Lowest voting recorded in 32 years

The centre-right GERB party, led by former prime minister Boyko Borisov has won the Sunday parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. GERB appears to have achieved 25.4% of the vote, with 99% of the votes tabulated

Bulgaria: Bulgaranz declares three tenders to supply liquified gas till 2034

Bulgaria is taking some new steps to ensure gas supplies. Recently Bulgaranz announced tenders for the supply of gas in the upcoming winter. In this approach, one-third of the necessary quantities will be supplied

Bulgaria: Political instability and Corruption obstructs Bulgaria’s development

During a Sofia workshop, Dan Shomon and the Union for Private Economic Enterprise discussed the global energy crisis and Bulgaria's energy potential for developing strategic base non-emission capacities

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Bulgaria: Honey Prices Plummet Amidst Market Glut and Climatic Challenges

Bulgarian beekeepers in the Dobrudja region are sounding the alarm as the value of honey continues to plummet despite a backdrop of rising costs and challenging climatic conditions
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Minister Hilaire unveils Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2024 lineup

The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, as well as the member of parliament serving for the Castries South, Ernest Hilaire, unveils the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2024 lineup. The event will be celebrated from April 30 to May 12, 2024.

Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Issues Urgent Warning on Avalanche Risks

As enthusiasts and tourists flock to the breathtaking landscapes of Bulgaria's mountainous terrains, the rescue service is urging caution and vigilance

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Shocking Trend: Nipple Thefts in Thailand Linked to Breast Surgeries

Uncover the shocking news of nipple thefts in Thailand amid the surge in breast surgeries. A cautionary alert for those considering cosmetic procedures abroad. Stay informed, stay vigilant

Bulgaria witnesses red aurora lights, the rarest of a rare phenomenon

Bulgaria observes an unusual red glow in the skies believed to be red Aurora lights. The rare phenomenon causes multicoloured lights to dance in the sky. The red and magenta colours were the most dominant