Bulgarian employers to stage national protest for hike in electricity and fuel prices next week
Bulgarian employers to stage national protest for hike in electricity and fuel prices next week

Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association – (BICA), the Bulgarian Industrial Association – (BIA), the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI), the Confederation of Employers & Industrialists of Bulgaria (CEIB/KRIB) and the Union for Private Economic Enterprise (SSI) will be staging a protest on May 18, 2022, amid the hike in electricity and fuel prices.  

Defending their reasons for holding a national protest, the employers asserted, “Fuel & electricity prices have gone unaffordable levels for the majority of non-household consumers. This price chain has shown to an avalanche of inflation, which eats away at the income of every Bulgarian citizen with every passing day”. 


The state has allowed itself to treat tax-free business as a beggar waiting for the alms. We are not administrative officials, but we are the state! Because a state without solvent & developing business, without jobs & without taxes cannot exist – it is high time to realize this“. 

They further added that aid is not required by businesses, but a healthy and peaceful environment is in order to earn money, maintain jobs & create goods. 

“The business wants security & predictability of the deliveries and the prices of the raw materials and return with appropriate regulations to what is surpassed at the source – the enterprises and the people” following the above statement, employers further underscored, adding that not a single member of the administration came and heard their arguments and requirements.  

The employers then added, “This managerial deafness has brought our economy to its present stalemate. This managerial deafness is guiding our nation to the economic bottom, from which it will be tough to push back if we continue to fly down at this terrible pace”. 

These organizations demand to develop and execute a means which will assure a long term supply of electricity, natural gas & petroleum products at affordable prices to the Bulgarian population.