Turmoil erupts as CSKA Sofia fans protest against BFU President Borislav Mihailov

The atmosphere around the "Bulgarian Army" stadium yesterday turned tense at 16:00 as passionate fans of CSKA Sofia gathered to express their discontent with the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU)

Sofia: Another Anti-war protest, people chants “NATO to home”

Another protest was seen in the capital Sofia against NATO. Since the beginning of Russia Ukraine conflict, numerous protests have been observed opposing the government’s decision to provide weaponry aid to Ukraine

Varna: Blagomir Kotsev appreciates municipality’s decision to pay workers’ salaries

Varna: Regional governor Blagomir Kotsev stated that he is extremely glad that just a day after the protests in front of the Lung Hospital, the Municipality of Varna decided to release financial aid to the hospital so that it could pay its debts and pay the salaries of its employees

North Macedonia: 47 police officials injured in protests in Skopje

Authorities in North Macedonia stated that 47 police officers got injured, two of them in severe conditions, after a group of primarily young people threw metal bars, stones, eggs and Molotov cocktails at the parliament building in the capital on Tuesday night.

Bulgaria: 12 protests being held today in favour and against Cabinet

The IMRO activists led by Angel Djambazki today morning blocked the residence of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. Protest in favour of the ruling administration had already begun at 8 am today in front of the National Assembly. 

Bulgaria political crisis: All you need to know about June 20 pro-govt protest

The rally was conducted in the capital city of the Balkan state - Sofia and was also the first day of the three-day consecutive strikes being announced ahead of the no-confidence motion debate in the parliament. 

Political Turmoil: Bulgarians to stage large scale pro-govt protest on June 20, 21 and 22

The citizens of the country are not in favour of elections being conducted again, adding that neither they want GERB nor the Movement for Rights and Freedoms to come into power and lead the country. 

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Melissa Skerrit, Irwing McIntyre to celebrate fathers on Sunday

Dominica is getting ready to celebrate and honour the fathers of Dominica with a day long celebration to commemorate Father’s Day
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Bulgaria Introduces Monthly “Electricity Meter” Fee for All Households

The proposed fee, aimed at supporting the forthcoming liberalization of the electricity market for households, has sparked significant debate and concern among consumers, particularly those with properties used only seasonally or occasionally

Port Burgas Swimming Marathon Returns for a Fourth Year of Thrills and Challenges

Adding to the excitement, the total prize fund for the event stands at an impressive BGN 3,200, offering a tantalizing incentive for competitive swimmers. The marathon features two established distances: a 1000-meter race and a more grueling 3000-meter challenge, each with its own separate start time

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PM Roosevelt Skerrit asks developed nations to support SIDS against climate change

PM Roosevelt Skerrit stressed that developed nations must support the Small Island Nations in their struggle against Climate Change