Prime Minister Petkov meets NATO dignitaries at summit
Prime Minister Petkov meets NATO dignitaries at summit

Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov was among the dignitaries who attended the meeting of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in Brussels on March 24, 2022, where the significant matter such as – ongoing Russia-Ukraine war conflict measures and actions were discussed. 

Prime Minister Petkov tweeted, “Useful conversation with @DKovachevski in Brussels. We confirmed our satisfaction with the work of the expert groups, the development of our good neighbourly relations and the European perspective of Macedonia.” 


He then met with the President of Romania – Klaus Lohannis. PM Petkov cited, “Glad to exchange views with @KlausIohannis on #Ukraine, solidarity to those fleeing from the war and #EU support to MS.” 

“I am glad that today we discussed with the President of Romania @KlausIohannis the situation in Ukraine, the solidarity of #България and #Румъния with those fleeing the war, and European support for the member states.”

Meanwhile, the President of Romania tweeted, “Good exchange of views with Prime Minister @KirilPetkov on coordination of and on the security situation in our region, helping refugees, deepening economic and energy cooperation and speeding up the interconnectivity between our countries.” 

PM Petkov also met with the European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms – Elisa Ferreira, during his meeting. Ferreira tweeted, “Timely meeting with @KirilPetkov on accommodating Ukrainian refugees with #CARE, regular EU funds spending and maximising #cohesion investments impact.” 

#EUCO kicks off with a special session with President Biden 

@POTUS. The topic – coordination between #ЕС – #САЩ in response to unprovoked actions by Russia in Ukraine”, another tweet of Prime Minister Petkov added.  

The summit of the NATO leaders resulted in the decision that four additional combat units would be deployed in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The announcement was made by the President of the United States of America – Joe Biden.