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Bulgarian National Assembly Anticipates Overriding Presidential Veto on Armored Personnel Carriers for Ukraine

With a strong belief in the legislature's informed decision-making process, Zhelyazkov anticipated robust support from the majority to override the presidential veto

Bulgaria endorses Kyiv declaration, pledges support for environmental evaluation of military activities

Bulgaria's role as a co-chair of the eighth pillar underscores its commitment to fostering environmental stability in the region and supporting a comprehensive approach to environmental protection during conflicts

Bulgaria signs deal with Polish defence firm to renovate six MIG-29 jet engines

Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgaria has signed a deal with the Polish defence company Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze for the renovation of 6 MIG-29 fighter jet engines. Bulgaria currently has 13 MiG-29 fighters, six of which need renovation and new engine parts

“Ukraine will always remember and be grateful for help Bulgaria gave us”, – Gen. Kyrylo Budanov

Sofia, Bulgaria: Kyrylo Budanov, Ukrainian military leader and former chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine since August 2020, appreciated Bulgaria for the assistance provided by Bulgaria since Russia launched its full-scale invasion in February 2024

President Rumen Radev briefly explains his decision of not sending weapons to Ukraine

President Rumen Radev talks briefly about his decision of not sending weapons to Ukraine and their meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who visited Sofia during his European tour of collecting support from allies

Video gets viral of Bulgarian citizen appreciating Police for not letting Ukrainians remove Z symbol

A video on Twitter got viral in which a Bulgarian citizen thanked the Local Police for not letting Ukrainians remove the Z symbol drawn outside the Ukrainian embassy in Bulgaria

Bulgaria: Police detain priest who “cursed” Zelensky’s motorcade

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Bulgarian security forces detained an Orthodoxian priest who tried to intercept Zelensky's motorcade and cursed him for provoking the Russia-Ukraine conflict resulting in enormous deaths since February 24, 2022

Bulgaria: Zelensky lose control over Radev’s decision of not arming Ukraine

Sofia, Bulgaria: President Rumen Radev met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his visit to Bulgaria. During the meeting, the Ukrainian president clashed with his Bulgarian counterpart and was seen losing control over Bulgaria's decision not to arm Kyiv

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Bulgaria embarks on major 5G connectivity overhaul along Trans-European transport corridor

These initiatives, integral to the trans-European transport corridor Orient/East-Mediterranean, have secured substantial funding from the Connecting Europe Facility, signifying a pivotal step toward enhanced cross-border communication
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Romania strengthens Black Sea defence with British minesweepers

"Romania has been trying for a long time to present the Black Sea region as a region of interest for the alliance, the eastern flank, and the EU," Minister Tilvar stated

Women’s Nipples Theft in Russia: A Surprising Revelation

Social media has become a vibrant platform for a range of reactions, from sheer shock to deep concern. With many voices cautioning against undergoing such procedures in Russia, a collective call for action has emerged

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Bulgaria witnesses red aurora lights, the rarest of a rare phenomenon

Bulgaria observes an unusual red glow in the skies believed to be red Aurora lights. The rare phenomenon causes multicoloured lights to dance in the sky. The red and magenta colours were the most dominant