No promises have been made for Bulgarian fighters: Prime Minister Petkov
No promises have been made for Bulgarian fighters: Prime Minister Petkov

Sofia, Bulgaria: The spokesperson of the Council of Ministers – Lena Borislavova, announced that Bulgaria would not be sending its fighter jets to war-hit country Ukraine. As per information, the press service of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, via their Facebook account, informed that the government would be transferring 16 MiG-29 fighters and 14 Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine, Poland – 28 MiG-29 aircraft, Slovakia – 12 MiG-29s.

Borislavova, in his statement, said, “The primary focus of the Council of Ministers was the war in Ukraine and the consequences for Ukrainian citizens on Bulgarian territory, as well as for the Bulgarian population. Bulgaria will not send fighters to Ukraine; the government is behind this decision”. 


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov cited, “No promises have been made for Bulgarian fighters. We currently have a few flying planes that cannot be delivered to another country. The other fake news I heard today is that we will be sending troops to Ukraine. It is absolutely nothing true in these two allegations“. 

In addition, Borislavova stated, “The oil prices have been discussed, as there has been a sharp rise in the last two days, which cannot be explained by a lack of raw materials or stocks”. 

On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev noted, “There are about 30,000 Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria, who must register with refugee status by March 31st in order to receive assistance”. 

Within the timeframe of the next three months, humanitarian support will also be provided to Ukraine, which is counted for a total sum amount of BGN 40 each day. 

The Deputy Prime Minister added that country’s Agriculture Ministry would also be able to purchase wheat, sunflower, and corn for the reserve. This will count for a total sum amount of BGN 1.1 billion, as at the present time, no ban has been imposed on exports, Vassilev informed.