Bulgarian population to strike showing solidarity with Ukraine
Bulgarian population to strike showing solidarity with Ukraine

Sofia, Bulgaria:  People all across the world are depicting their support with the people of Ukraine, especially to the families of the victims. To show their solidarity with Ukraine and its population, a peaceful strike will be taking place in the capital city of Bulgaria today (March 24, 2022). 

The demonstration will commence at 6.30 pm in Nezavisimost Square. Not only the population but the European country’s administration is also continuously showing its support to the war-hit nation. 

Strike organizers urged the Bulgarian population to come out and stand in large numbers for supporting a “sovereign Ukraine.” 

The statement of organizers cites, “Just a few hundred kilometres away; the Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom & for the future of Europe at the enormous cost of innocent lives and destruction. With their dignity, courage and endurance, these people have managed to take the whole globe by surprise. At the same time, Bulgaria is held confined to the increasingly strong grip of Russia’s propaganda war against our nation.” 

Now is the time to show and tell the whole world that Bulgaria is there in the European Union and NATO, depicting that “we already have made our civilizational choice and that we stand behind it”, added the organizers. 

 Following the above statement, organizers of the strike further added, “We are obeying the increase of extreme nationalism in Russia, and we know what that would mean for Bulgaria unless we demand an acceptable and timely position in support of Ukraine from our government. We cannot allow marginal pro-Russian parties to dictate the most important decisions for the future of Bulgaria. We must not let our voices be silenced.”   

In addition, the government of Japan said that it is thinking to double the humanitarian assistance and loans being provided to Ukraine. Once again, Ukraine President – Volodymyr Zelenskyy pleaded with the world to come forward and show their support for Ukraine in the ongoing challenging times.