Bulgaria: WCC, BSP absent during political consultation meet with President Radev
Bulgaria: WCC, BSP absent during political consultation meet with President Radev

Sofia, Bulgaria: The meeting to hold the political consultation with the other parliamentary groups of President Rumen Radev was not much fruitful as two among the four dignitaries invited refused to attend. The meeting was scheduled for June 27, the day when former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, along with his cabinet, handed over his resignation.

Among the parties who refused to attend the meeting was – Kiril Petkov’s We Continue the Change (WCC) party, as its members were occupied with the parliamentary budget committee meeting. However, the same reason was stated by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, who did not attend the meeting.

The consultations, therefore, have been delayed, agreeing that the WCC would meet President on July 1.

Among the presented people were the GERB-UDF parliamentary leader Dessislava Atanassova, its deputy leader Tomislav Donchev, and Movement for Rights and Freedoms leader Mustafa Karadayi.

In conversation with the President, Atanassova asserted, “We will return the mandate as soon as possible so that the consultations can start on handing over the mandate to a third political force of your choice”. On the other end, briefing reporters about the meet, Atanassova added, “It is too earlier to make forecasts, the first mandate can assemble support, this issue is not up to us, we are in opposition, no one wants to talk to us now”.

“The resignation of the coalition government is not the origin of this crisis. There is no potential for forming a principled coalition in this Parliament”, underscored the Deputy leader of GERB.

Meanwhile, Karadayi, during a meeting with President Radev, cited that the recent political turmoil in Bulgaria was the natural finding of the politics, which is solely based on lies and hatred. He then added that finding a way out of this political turmoil is a precondition for seeking a solution to the other crisis going on in the country.