Another monkeypox case for Bulgaria
Another monkeypox case for Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Ministry of Health shared the information stating that another case of the monkeypox has been detected in the European country, bringing the overall count of cases to three. The news was confirmed and communicated to the general public via media personnel today, June 27, by the chief state health inspector Angel Kunchev. 

The individual who tested positive for the outbreak was on the contact list of one of the previous patients who contracted monkeypox. 


Providing the full details, the chief inspector said, “If there is one good thing, it is that the West African branch of the virus has spread, which has a relatively mild course and less than one percent mortality, unlike the Congolese branch, which is much more aggressive”. 

The cases of the monkeypox are witnessing a hike in other countries as well, including the United States of America. It is believed that the outbreak is transmitted with sexual intercourse, as per the information shared so far. 

Speaking about it, the WHO noted that monkeypox does not form a public health emergency of international concern at least for the present time. 

WHO chief, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “The emergency committee shared serious concerns about the scale and speed of the current outbreak. All and all, in the report, they have advised me that at this moment the event does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern, which is the most elevated level of alert we can issue”.  

In 47 countries across the world, more than 4,000 cases of monkeypox have been recorded since the beginning of May month. The information is as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Out of this total number, over 200 cases only have been reported by the healthcare facilities of the United States. In the initial state, the cases were only limited to African countries.