WHO reports additional 20 attacks on healthcare in Ukraine
WHO reports additional 20 attacks on healthcare in Ukraine

The international health agency – World Health Organisation (WHO) has recorded an additional twenty (20) health attacks on the health system or staff of the war-torn country Ukraine.

This takes the total number of healthcare attacks to 290 in Ukraine.


The regional WHO agency in Ukraine asserted, “WHO has verified 27 additional attacks on health care in Ukraine. As of June 7, 290 attacks on health care have been verified in Ukraine. These attacks happened between February 24 and May 30 & caused 76 deaths and 59 injuries. Health care should never be a target”.

The international health agency, till May 31, has supplied 530 tons of medical devices to Ukraine, which includes humanitarian aid such as – kits for injuries and emergency surgery, blood transfusions, medicines, ambulances, electric generators, refrigerators and many more.

Not only this, but to tackle the current situation, WHO has prepared a document outlining strategic directions for the recovery of the health care system in the short & long term with further support for the provision of health services.

Many attacks have been witnessed by war-hit countries, along with a rise in war crimes.

As per the recent update, Russia has claimed that it has been successful in occupying enormous swathes of eastern Ukraine after a rigorous, weeks-long barrage and the recent deployment of more troops.

Following the barrage of eastern Ukraine, Russia has sent more troops to the war-hit country. The information of the additional deployment of Russian forces has been confirmed by a Ukrainian official.

Russian forces also took full control of the industrial outskirts of Sievierodonetsk, one of 2 cities in the Luhansk region still in Ukrainian hands.


On the other hand, the Russian Defence Minister notified on Tuesday that the Berdyansk and Mariupol posts of Ukraine had been captured by the Russian troops.