WHO verifies additional 20 attacks on healthcare staff in Ukraine by Russian forces
WHO verifies additional 20 attacks on healthcare staff in Ukraine by Russian forces

The international health agency – World Health Organisation (WHO) has verified another twenty attacks on the healthcare staff of the war-hit country Ukraine by the Russian military forces.

As per the recent data shared by the WHO, “We have verified 20 additional attacks on health care in Ukraine. As of 26 May, 256 attacks on health care have been verified. At least 75 people have been killed & 59 injured. Attacks on health violate international law & endanger lives. Health should never be a target”.


A total of ninety-two (92) days have been completed of the Russia Ukraine war.

The country at the present time is facing a huge health sector crisis.

The Regional Director of WHO Europe – Hans Kluge, while speaking on the situation of Ukraine, asserted, “Supporting the health needs of refugees from Ukraine, the challenge of health worker shortages and burnout, and strengthening TB treatment and care in the sub-region through Slovakia’s TB Collaborating Centre – topics discussed with Minister Lengvarsky + team yesterday”.

“Grateful for San Marino’s strong support for the Small Countries Initiative. Discussed deepening collaboration in areas such as bioethics where San Marino had expertise with Minister Ciavatta yesterday”, underscored the regional director.

WHO and the United Nations are standing still like pillars with Ukraine during the ongoing tough times. Meanwhile, several other countries are stepping forward in order to provide humanitarian assistance to the war-torn European nation.

The consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war are being faced by the whole European region as well as the world.