First batch of Ukraine military machines soon to arrive in Bulgaria for repairing
First batch of Ukraine military machines soon to arrive in Bulgaria for repairing

Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, in his recent statement, noted that his administration would keep its promise and will repair the military equipment of Ukraine forces which will be arriving soon.

He stated, “This dialogue about whether we would give weapons to Ukraine or not, we already – had it, we have a decision of the – National Assembly, we will follow by the decision. The initial machines for repair are coming, which we promised, we will do that”.

Recently the Ukraine Ambassador has made a request to the Bulgarian government seeking weaponry assistance once again.

In context to the above statement, the Bulgarian Prime Minister further emphasized that there is no need to re-open the same topic after every two weeks, especially when the decision has already been made.

“I don’t think that each 2 weeks we have to re-open this topic, what we have done for Ukraine at the level of support for the refugees, funds, we have raised every possible kind of humanitarian assistance, we will repair their war machines, the fact that we have supported all the standards when it comes to sanctions on Russia”.

Besides this, he highlighted that Bulgaria has done everything in their power to support Ukraine and assured that the government would continue to do so.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has entered its 104th day, forcing more than 8 million people to flee the war-hit country.

On the other hand, speaking on the condition of North Macedonia, PM Petkov stated, “We are looking forward to seeing if the Bulgarian wants and requires for the support of Bulgarians in the – RNM can be guaranteed via the European process. I would leave it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because they are negotiating right now. The question that arises here is whether – Bulgarian position can be assured via the European process, & not someone to pressure us for anything”.