Russia-Ukraine 103 day of war: Nearly 8 million Ukraine refugees fled war-hit country
Russia-Ukraine 103 day of war: Nearly 8 million Ukraine refugees fled war-hit country

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, nearly 8 million Ukraine refugees have left the war land to save the lives of their loved ones and theirs. The data from the United Nations states that 7.1 million Ukraine refugees fled the country.

The official Twitter handle of UNHCR Ukraine tweeted, “The war in Ukraine has shattered millions of lives throughout the country Homes have been destroyed, schools flattened, families ripped apart & loved ones killed. Over 7.1 million people were forced to flee their homes for 100 days & counting. The devastation in Ukraine continues”.

Meanwhile, the representative of UNHCR – Karolina L Billing, shared more detailed information on Ukraine’s current situation.

“Displaced people need immediate, emergency humanitarian support: somewhere to sleep, clothes, hygiene items, food, cash assistance and – importantly – psychological first aid and counselling”, underscored Billing.

On the other hand, the European Union has reaffirmed its support for the war-hit country of Ukraine as the war has almost completed 103 days.

Last week, another phase of sanctions on Russia was proposed.

“The EU’s new sanctions on Russia are the most visible, direct and powerful response to its brutal attack on Ukraine. They will further erode Russia’s economy and undermine its ability to wage war on Ukraine. We stand ready to put forward additional sanctions”, stated the European agency.

Following the above statement, the organisation added, “Renewables are at the heart of #REPowerEU, our plan to phase out Russian fossil fuels. We aim to increase the share of renewables in our energy consumption from 25% to 45% by 2030. It is good for the climate, for our energy independence, and it creates jobs in the EU”.

EU is also working tirelessly to provide basic amenities and has set up fast track recognition of higher education qualifications for Ukraine students coming to the EU.