Ukraine calls on Bulgaria for heavy weapon assistance
Ukraine calls on Bulgaria for heavy weapon assistance

Sofia, Bulgaria: Completing over 100 days of the war, Ukraine has once again called on the Bulgarian administration to provide it with heavy weapons in order to defend against Russian troops in Donbas. The request had been made by Ukrainian Ambassador to Bulgaria Vitaly Moskalenko, which was received on Friday, while the document was made public on Monday.

The Ambassador notifies that Ukraine is in emergency need of weapons such as – howitzers, mortars and missile systems. He then added to his statement, “Now is the time when we need the weapons that Bulgaria has. Bulgaria has about 140 heavy howitzers, as many mortars and missile systems”.

Following the above statement, he then added, “Ukrainians sense Bulgaria as a friendly country that provides assistance. But there is always a “but”. “Currently we have severe fighting in Donbas, where Russian artillery exceeds 20 times Ukrainian artillery”.

Earlier in a letter, the war-hit nation asked the Bulgarian administration to assist it by repairing its military equipment in the Balkan state. Now, as the tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia, the war-affected nation once again looks to Bulgaria, asking for weaponry aid.

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister and leader of the pro-Russian Bulgarian Socialist Party, Cornelia Ninova, has rejected the request made by the Ukraine ambassador. She then highlights the previous decision of the Bulgarian parliament, where it was decided to provide assistance by helping and giving shelter to Ukraine refugees, support for EU membership and repair military equipment.

As mentioned, it was earlier decided by the Bulgarian parliament not to provide any type of weaponry or ammunition assistance to Ukraine.

Today is the 104th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022.

Meanwhile, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy affirmed that the forces of his country are not getting aside and leaving their positions in Sievierodonetsk.