PM Petkov held meet with World Bank officials
PM Petkov held meet with World Bank officials

Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, during a meeting with the representatives of the World Bank, placed an ambitious plan for the economic growth of the Balkan state. The update about the meeting has been shared by the government’s information service.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister expressed the desire to talk about the serious potential with the aim of seeking economic growth for the European state.


The topic of discussion during the meeting included – decreasing inequalities by means of strategies to improve healthcare, social services and education.

He then highlighted that World Bank could also prove to be useful not only in terms of high-quality consultancy work but also in project implementation.

The officials from both sides, in a detailed way, held a discussion on how Bulgaria could double the pace and as well as keep up the pace of its economic growth in the forthcoming 15 years. This has been discussed so that the European country can touch the average income levels in Europe.

To achieve this aim, there is a requirement for deep structural reforms which will assist in bolstering the growth potential, improving the integration of the vulnerable groups as well as transitioning to a green and digital economy.

The meeting also concluded four priority areas of cooperation which include – expected to unlock Bulgaria’s potential for economic growth: improving the work of the institutions of good governance; increasing work productivity and fitness for work by all; strengthening public spending to improve the provision of services and increasing the sustainability of the growth model.