Ukraine refugees with temporary protection in Bulgaria eligible to stay till 2023
Ukraine refugees with temporary protection in Bulgaria eligible to stay till 2023

Sofia, Bulgaria: As per the recent directives of the European Union, the Ukraine refugees who possess temporary health protection of Bulgaria might reside in the Balkan state till 2023. The information was shared by the government’s website dedicated to Ukrainian refugees.

The scheme under which Bulgarian hotels were provided 40 leva per Ukraine refugee for their stay ended yesterday, May 31.


“The refusal to be accommodated in no way deprives other rights such as social benefits, health care and education, the right to work”, the notice further cites.

Moreover, there are a total of 4000 Ukrainian refugees who have temporary protection in Bulgaria and have also managed to take a job in the European country.

The statement of the notice further adds, “What the state can provide you with at the moment as a shelter are the state holiday bases, where the employees of the various departments usually spend their summers. This year, the employees’ vacations there were cancelled so that we could shelter people fleeing the war“.

“The buffer centres have been built to all standards & do not house other refugees. They will then be distributed to the relevant state bases around the country. In case you do not want to be accommodated in the departmental holiday bases, please declare your refusal of accommodation under the humanitarian programme of Bulgaria”.

It further highlighted that the refusal permits proper planning of the accommodation being provided to the Ukraine refugees.

“This refusal does not in any way take away your protection but only allows us to properly plan the accommodation of all needy Ukrainian citizens. If you refuse accommodation under the programme, you still have the right to reside in Bulgaria until February 24 2023, when according to the EU directive, the term of temporary protection expires”.

Meanwhile, speaking on the matter, the Bourgas deputy district governor Plamen Yanev informed that the direct accommodation of Ukrainian citizens on state bases is over now.