LNG terminal project commences between Bulgaria-Greece
LNG terminal project commences between Bulgaria-Greece

The Republic of Bulgaria and Greece, on May 3, 2022 (Tuesday), gave a green signal to the start of the LNG terminal – which is a strategic geopolitical project.

A ceremony was conducted yesterday to kickstart the project, where Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov and his Greece counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotakis were present. In view of the Bulgarian Prime Minister, this project holds power to transform the energy map of the Europe region.


Prime Minister Petkov cited, “Today is a historic day for Bulgaria and Greece’s relations and our common pursuit of economic and political freedom. Bulgaria and Greece give the start of the LNG terminal – a strategic geopolitical project which will change the energy map of the region”.

“Today, Bulgaria and Greece, supported by EU, are starting the construction of the floating liquefied gas term – a geopolitical project that will change the energy map of the region”.

On the other end, Greece’s Prime Minister believes that with this project, the Hellenic Republic carries the potential to become a regional energy hub, as well as provide a significant contribution to the energy security of the European Union.

“The new LNG terminal is an energy gateway for Greece and the Balkans, for Southeastern Europe. With this project, Greece becomes a regional energy hub and contributes significantly to the EU energy security”, underscored PM Mitsotakis.

Both the two countries share a very strong long-withstanding robust political, cultural and religious ties. Bulgaria-Greece considers each other as “good friends” and “allies” of each other.

Greece’s embassy is established in the capital city of Bulgaria (Sofia), and Bulgaria’s embassy is situated in Athens. The diplomatic relations between both countries were founded in the year 1908. Besides this, Greece is one of the top investors and trade partners of Bulgaria.

The two share co-operation in several fields such as – political, judicial, energy and tourism.