Bulgaria: Trojan Footprint 22 multinational military exercise begins
Bulgaria: Trojan Footprint 22 multinational military exercise begins

Trojan Footprint 22 multinational military exercise has begun in Bulgaria, as per the information provided by the Defence Ministry of the European country on May 2, 2022 (Monday). The exercise is currently being organised in multiple countries in the Europe region, and one of its parts is being carried out in Bulgaria.

The United States Special Operations Command Europe, updating about the exercise, cited, Most notably, Trojan Footprint 22 fortifies military readiness, cultivates trust, and develops lasting relationships which promote peace and stability throughout Europe.


Following the above statement, it further added, The purpose of the annual exercise is to display proficiencies, assess the readiness as well as the lethality of our respective forces, & to continue improving interoperability with allies and partners“.

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NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) allies also participate in the military exercise along with other partner countries and demonstrate military formations.

The military exercise holds a great significance as its key focus remains on enhancing the capacity of special operation forces to counter a myriad of threats. The exercise also boosts integration with conventional forces, while simutaneously improving the interoperability with Nato allies and European partners, the official statement of the Bulgarian Defence Ministry states.

In maintaining peace and stability in the European region, to develop and strenghthen trust and friendship between the countries, the multinational military exercise plays a very significant role.