Azerbaijan's gas maintains
Azerbaijan's gas maintains "stability" in Bulgaria, says Geneva University Director of Center

The Director of the Center for Management at the University of Geneva, Ventzeslav Sabev, in his recent statement, cited that because of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria is witnessing stability in terms of a gas supply issue with Russia. Sabev was born in Bulgaria.

He stated, “As a Bulgarian by birth, I want to mention that Azerbaijani gas brought peace and stability to Bulgaria in the context of the crisis with gas supplies from Russia”.


In view of Sabev, the energy resources of Azerbaijani holds a great significance in the European market. Speaking on the ongoing issue of gas supply, Sabev has expressed his hope that alternative supplies will be established, including in Azerbaijan.

“Bulgarian firms may be very interested in developing these areas in Karabakh”, as he expressed his optimism stating that the Karabakh region of the country will eventually become a “very propitious” area for cooperation in the area of green energy.

Amid the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia has cut gas supply to countries including Bulgaria and Poland. To discuss the retaliation action against Russia, the Energy ministers of the member states of the European Union met yesterday. Talks were also held on the additional sanctions to be imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine.

Bulgaria now will be receiving gas supply from the EU following Russia’s sanction, as recently announced by the European Commission President – Ursula von der Leyen.

Leyen asserted, “We will always take care that the decision that is taken by Gazprom could hardly impact the consumers of the European countries”.

In relation to the above statement, the President highlights the failure of the Russian Federation in setting itself apart by creating disturbance among the member states of the EU. She then added that the Europe region is now “becoming self-reliant” in a matter of fuels.