Bulgarian PM meets representatives from Google & Amazon, discusses potential of INSAIT
Bulgarian PM meets representatives from Google & Amazon, discusses potential of INSAIT

Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov met with the officials of two major technology firms – Amazon and Google, on Monday, April 11, 2022. The meeting witnessed a discussion on the potential for strengthening cooperation between the European nation and e-commerce. 

In the meeting present were – Isabella Groegor-Cechowicz, vice president of sales at EMEA Amazon, and Slav Petrov and Igor Zgrabljic from Google, including the Minister of Innovation and Growth of Bulgaria – Daniel Lorer.   


During the meeting, the Bulgarian Prime Minister discussed the potential of the newly launched Institute of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology – (INSAIT). With this, PM Petkov further informed that the Bulgarian administration is also working on multiple projects which will provide high added value. 

The meeting also highlighted the likeability of the European country to become a “logistics and digital hub” in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. 

Meanwhile, Groegor-Cechowiczduring the discussion, underscored that investing in INSAIT is the initial step, and the institution holds potential for “wider collaboration.”   

Besides this, meeting with the Google spokespeople outlined the possibility of installing a collaborated “working group” with the tech firm. It will be aimed to bring and make new business proposals for new projects in the European nation in terms of digital transformation, cloud technologies and e-government, recognizing the forthcoming actions for cooperation and investment. 

Apart from this, the meeting held talks on the partnership in the numerous fields such as – digitalization, cybersecurity, biotechnology and the space industry. 

While speaking during the launch ceremony of INSAIT, the Bulgarian Prime Minister stated, “What are the aims for INSAIT? Bulgaria is the “best place” in the world in the area of computer science as well as artificial intelligence. To attract the largest companies in the world to open their centres in Bulgaria.” 

He further added that the Bulgarian administration is keeping its promise of bringing talented minds back to the European country.