EU to increase its 2022 budget by 176 million euros to aid Ukraine refugees

European Commission, in its recent statement on April 22, 2022, announced a proposal to increase its 2022 budget by 176 million euros of payments being done to the nations who are providing shelter to the Ukrainian refugees.

WHO provides generators to hospitals across Ukraine

Amid the Russian military invasion, World Health Organisation is providing all the assistance possible to the war-hit country of Ukraine.

WHO Director-General calls on Russia to end war amid heavy casualties

Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) - Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus calls on Russia to end the war immediately, amid a heavy number of civilian casualties.

Bulgaria can’t send MiG-29 aircraft and C-300 air defense systems to Ukraine: Bozhilov

He then added that the Bulgarian parliament would make a decision requiring a political assessment and analysis of military capabilities.

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister asks Russian Ambassador to stop insulting country’s institutions

PM Petkov noted that he specially called the Russian Ambassador on Sunday, March 6, asking her to adhere to norms of diplomatic communication. 

Russia sends troops to Kazakhstan as fresh violence upraised in region

On Thursday, fresh violence erupted in Kazakhstan’s Almaty as troops from Russia moved out to put down the uprising in one of Moscow’s closest...

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Severe Storms with Hail Causes Extensive Damage in Sliven and Surrounding Areas

Hailstones, ranging in size from hazelnuts to walnuts, devastated residential and agricultural areas. Power outages occurred in Sliven's eastern villa area, with repair crews from "Electrorazpradelenie Yug" (Power Distribution South) mobilized to address the disruptions and restore electricity
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Bulgaria Introduces New National ID Cards with Biometric Features for Enhanced Security

This significant change aims to bolster the security of the document and streamline travel and verification processes. The new ID cards are expected to make border crossings easier for Bulgarians traveling to EU countries

Swift Action Prevents Disaster as Fire Erupts on Sofia-Burgas Express Train

The incident occurred at approximately 3:05 p.m., when the locomotive of the express train, carrying 80 passengers, caught fire near the entrance signal of the "Vladimir Pavlov" station in the western part of Burgas

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Cable Car Project to increase tourism opportunities in Dominica: PM Skerrit

Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit recently visited the site of the m, breaking newsost anticipated Cable Car project in the country

PM Roosevelt Skerrit asks developed nations to support SIDS against climate change

PM Roosevelt Skerrit stressed that developed nations must support the Small Island Nations in their struggle against Climate Change