WHO provides generators to hospitals across Ukraine
WHO provides generators to hospitals across Ukraine

Amid the Russian military invasion, World Health Organisation is providing all the assistance possible to the war-hit country of Ukraine. The international health agency provided generators to hospitals in Ukraine in order to ensure that proper healthcare facilities were provided to the patients.

The agency of WHO in Ukraine tweeted, “World Health Organisation is providing generators to hospitals across Ukraine with limited or no power supply to ensure the continuity of patient care. Today, with support from UNCERF, we dispatched seven generators to the towns of Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka, Ivankiv, Makariv, and Vorzel in the Kyiv region”.


Dr Jarno Habicht – WHO representative and head of the WHO country office in Ukraine, stated, “WHO supports Ukraine with medical supplies providing assistance throughout the country but also addressing the essentials that need to be in hospitals. These are the electrical generators that are on their way to the frontline hospitals in the forthcoming days”.

Yesterday addressing and condemning the attacks being done by the Russian military on Ukraine, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation – Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, asked the Russian administration to stop the war immediately.

He asserted, “World Health Organisation unequivocally condemns the continued increase in attacks on health care in Ukraine. They must stop. To date, WHO has verified 147 attacks, including 73 people killed and 53 injured. War will not be a solution. Once again, I call on Russia to end the war”.

Meanwhile, seventeen additional attacks have been witnessed by the international health agency in Ukraine yesterday (April 19).

“As of April 18, 136 attacks on health care have been verified in Ukraine. These attacks took place between February 24 and April 8 & caused 73 deaths and 52 injuries. Health care should never be a target,” underscored WHO Ukraine.

Attacks on healthcare violate international law and put the lives of individuals in danger. The health workers, hospitals and ambulances should “never” be a target, WHO added.