St Kitts and Nevis CBI Fund option contributes significantly in country’s development

The twin-island Federation has also been successful in being the most desired location for cruise ship travellers. The fascinating scenic views, sheer blue water, beaches and lush green forests attract people from all across the world. 

World Immunization Week begins from today

The 'World Immunization Week' has already commenced from today onwards - an initiative of WHO, which aims to outline the significance and need of taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

23 million children missed out on essential vaccines in 2020

In his recent statement, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation - WHO notified that "23 million children missed out on essential vaccines in 2020." 

COVID in Bulgaria: Fresh 871 COVID cases recorded with 30 deaths

The European nation recorded additional 871 cases of the novel coronavirus in the past day, as per the data shared in today's (Tuesday, April 12, 2022) unified information portal.

Bulgaria delivers over 2.83 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines to Iran

The Balkan state has supplied 2.83 million doses of the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccines to the Islamic Republic of Iran to support the country in its fight against the contagious COVID-19.

WHO: 99% of globe’s population breathes air with unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide

The international health agency - World Health Organization (WHO), sharing the data, stated that almost 99% of the globe's population breathes air with unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide.

WHO suspends Vaccine distribution via COVAXIN

The reason for suspension by the international health agency has been stated as "to allow the manufacturer to upgrade facilities and address deficiencies found in an inspection."   

Bulgaria records 1442 new COVID infections

In the European country, a total of an additional 1442 infections of the COVID-19 virus were reported, as per the data shared in the unified information portal of March 29, 2022.

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Bulgaria: Honey Prices Plummet Amidst Market Glut and Climatic Challenges

Bulgarian beekeepers in the Dobrudja region are sounding the alarm as the value of honey continues to plummet despite a backdrop of rising costs and challenging climatic conditions
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Minister Hilaire unveils Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2024 lineup

The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, as well as the member of parliament serving for the Castries South, Ernest Hilaire, unveils the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival 2024 lineup. The event will be celebrated from April 30 to May 12, 2024.

Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Issues Urgent Warning on Avalanche Risks

As enthusiasts and tourists flock to the breathtaking landscapes of Bulgaria's mountainous terrains, the rescue service is urging caution and vigilance

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Shocking Trend: Nipple Thefts in Thailand Linked to Breast Surgeries

Uncover the shocking news of nipple thefts in Thailand amid the surge in breast surgeries. A cautionary alert for those considering cosmetic procedures abroad. Stay informed, stay vigilant

Bulgaria witnesses red aurora lights, the rarest of a rare phenomenon

Bulgaria observes an unusual red glow in the skies believed to be red Aurora lights. The rare phenomenon causes multicoloured lights to dance in the sky. The red and magenta colours were the most dominant