Australian Athlete breaks Guinness World Record doing 3,182 push-ups in 60 mins
Australian Athlete breaks Guinness World Record doing 3,182 push-ups in 60 mins

How many pushups can you do in one hour? An athlete in Australia has smashed the Guinness World Record and created history by doing 3,182 pushups in a span of 60 minutes.austra

Daniel Scali worked hard to get where he is today and to break the record. The video of the Australian athlete is going viral all over the internet and gathering a lot of praise from people all across the World.

Guinness World Record, in a statement issued in the press release, informed that the record was set up in the month of April this year, doing 3,182 pushups in one hour, which is a hundred more pushups than the previous record set up by Australian Jarrad Young in 2021 of 3,054.

The athlete has also shared his story – describing all the hardships he went through during his journey so far, which has been posted by the GWR on its official Youtube channel.

The caption reads, “World’s longest plank record holder – Daniel Scali (Australia), tackles a new, equally gruelling record in this video – the most push-ups in just one hour. Watch the attempt & hear insights from the man himself”.

Speaking in the video, Daniel stated, “It is the brain sending wrong messages to my arm, which is the impacted area. So, anything like soft touch, movements, wind or water will cause me pain”. His childhood was difficult as he suffered from CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), which resulted in his broken arm.

Not only this, but he also holds the record of ‘longest time in the abdominal plank position (male)’, after he planked for 9 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second in Australia’s Adelaide to enter the world record.

The video has gained more than 60,000 views and around 2,000 likes.

One of the social media users commented, “My hands are paining just by reading this”.