Bulgaria: Defence Minister meets Iraqi, Bosnian, Herzegovinan, and Rwanda counterparts
Bulgaria: Defence Minister meets Iraqi, Bosnian, Herzegovinan, and Rwanda counterparts

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Defence Minister of Bulgaria – Dragomir Zakov, held working meetings with his Iraqi, Bosnian and Herzegovinan, and Rwanda counterparts on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. The information about the meeting was shared by the Defence Ministry.

The defence ministers were among the guests at the HEMUS 2022 – Defence, Antiterrorism and Security Exhibition in Plovdiv.


The Bulgarian defence minister, while meeting with the Iranian counterpart – Juma Inad, highlighted the long-time friendly relations between Bulgarian and Iraq. The sound level of the collective work was acknowledged over the years by the defence ministers.

Minister Inad further expressed his desire to have and strengthen robust diplomatic ties between the two countries in the sector of the military-technical domain.

Meanwhile, Bosnia’s Defence Minister, in conversation with Zakov, outlined the comprehensive military-diplomatic relations between the two as well as the issues lacking between Bosnia and Bulgaria. The ongoing security matters were also discussed between the two dignitaries.

On the other end, this was the first-ever conference which was conducted between Bulgaria and Rwanda.

Maj. Gen. Albert Murasira – defence minister of Rwanda, and Bulgarian minister Zakov, during the meeting, shared their desire to jointly work in terms of military-technical cooperation.

“Today, Hon MoD, Maj Gen A. MURASIRA held a bilateral meeting with the MoD of the Rep of Bulgaria at the sidelines of the International Exhibition on Defence, Anti-Terrorism and security in Plovdiv. They discussed ways of strengthening Defence Cooperation between Rwanda & Bulgaria”, the defence ministry of Rwanda tweeted.


The official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Defence Bulgaria, while sharing information about the meeting, tweeted, “Minister Dragomir Zako – This is a time to realize the need for a defence industry which is stable enough to support us during a pandemic, as well as when there is a war near us”.