Europe: Leaders of 11 countries to discuss ways of improving health & well-being of their populations
Europe: Leaders of 11 countries to discuss ways of improving health & well-being of their populations

The Ministers, as well as Delegates from at least 11 European nations, came together under one roof to hold a meeting today, June 2, 2022. Topics which are likely being discussed at the conference include – emergencies – prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, and healthy and sustainable tourism.

Moreover, the leaders of countries with a population of less than 2 million will focus on and discuss several ways to enhance and improve the health and well-being of their populations. The conference will last till June 3.


The theme is – “Towards better health and well-being in small countries of the WHO European Region”. The event will start with an opening ceremony, which will be live-streamed on the official page of WHO.

“The objectives of the meeting include – long-term prevention and health system preparedness, response and recovery from emergencies; and supporting small countries in their commitment to placing health at the centre of sustainable tourism”, the official page of the World Health Organisation highlights.

The first-ever regional strategy for small European countries – with the title of “Roadmap towards better health in small countries of the WHO European Region, 2022–2025”, will also be launched during the meeting.

This roadmap will be guiding these 11 nations so that they can transition to sustainable COVID-19 response, recovery, and control. Apart from this, the roadmap will also promote stronger political, technical, and resource-related cooperation.

Moreover, the cases of monkeypox are witnessing an increase day by day in the European region and remain at the epicentre.

“Even as new patients present every day, investigations into past cases show that the outbreak in our region was certainly underway as early as mid-April. Strong surveillance and diagnostic systems in several European countries, along with swift cross-border information-sharing mechanisms with the support of WHO and other partners, are to be commended for the outbreak coming to light”, stated Hans Kluge in his recent statement.