Bulgaria's ex Defence Ministers calls on govt to strengthen Ukraine's defense
Bulgaria's ex Defence Ministers calls on govt to strengthen Ukraine's forces.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Former six Defence Ministers of Bulgarian have called on the government to provide and strengthen Ukraine’s defense amid the Russian military invasion, joining the other NATO and EU states. 

The statement of the former ministers cites, “Bulgaria’s ‘neutrality’ in the war in Ukraine is a direct threat to our security interests.”


The country still protrudes from the other member states of the European Union and of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) for its indecisive policy of providing military assistance to the war-torn country. This is damaging Bulgaria’s prestigeaccording to the statement of six.  

They further asserted while raising a question, “The fundamental question stays unanswered why joining the Allied efforts would pose a danger to Bulgaria? Why Bulgaria, unlike all other EU and Nato countries, would be threatened by Putin? Showing hesitation and hesitation, undermining Allied solidarity, made Bulgaria as easy prey for geopolitical opportunism, which seeks the weak points on which to strike blows, whether hybrid or otherwise.”  

Not only this, but they further called on the MPs to commence consultations on a parliamentary decision giving the required mandate to the executive to become a member of the pan-European effort to strengthen Ukraine’s defense.

Although the Bulgarian government is providing shelter to the Ukrainian nationals who fled the country to save their lives, numerous students have also enrolled themselves in the educational institutions of Bulgaria. The government stands firm on its decision to provide every possible assistance for supporting Ukraine in such challenging and difficult times. 

The official data shared by the government reveals that till March 28, 2022, more than 125,535 citizens of Ukraine entered the border of Bulgaria since the beginning of the war. Of this total number, for the present time, 58 050 Ukrainian nationals are in Bulgaria, among which a total of 22,000 are children. 

The military intelligence of the United Kingdom informs that Russian forces are upholding blocking positions while attempting to reorganize and reset their forces, as per the recent update today.