Survey: 67% Bulgarians votes in favor to obtain
Survey: 67% Bulgarians votes in favor to obtain "neutral" stance in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Sofia, Bulgaria: Recently, a survey was conducted by the Market Links taking the public opinion of the Bulgarian population on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The survey revealed that the majority of the Bulgarian nationals believe that the country must remain on a “neutral” stance regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

A total of 1,029 nationals of the European nation were being surveyed for their opinion, during the time frame from March 22 to 29, 2022, according to the information provided.  

The survey finds that about 67% of the Bulgarian population voted in favor of being “neutral”; meanwhile, around 16% have a firm belief that the government of Bulgaria should speak in favor of and support Ukraine in its war with Russia. 

This 16% population also has an opinion of supporting the war-torn nation with the supply of military weapons. 

On the other end, the majority believes that Bulgaria should provide full support and much-needed aid to the Ukrainian nationals (in terms of finance also), who fled the country amid the Russian invasion, whereas 30% of individuals are against it. 

On being asked, “How would you vote in a referendum to keep Bulgaria in NATO and the European Union?” most Bulgarians replied by saying it is “important” and “better” for the country to remain as a member of both the organizations.  

Although, the European country has provided shelter to hundreds of Ukraine refugees. The ongoing week, after a heated argument, it was decided to provide free health insurance to Ukraine refugees.  

Updates on Russia-Ukraine: 

As per the military intelligence of the UK, the Ukrainian forces blocked an essential route in eastern Kharkiv after heavy fighting in the east of Ukraine.  

In central Ukraine today, Russian missiles hit 2 of the cities and resulted in damage to infrastructure. The statement has been issued by the head of the Poltava region and added, “Poltava. A missile struck one of the infrastructure facilities overnight.”