Ukraine refugees to receive free health insurance in Bulgaria
Ukraine refugees to receive free health insurance in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Ukrainian nationals who took shelter in Bulgaria will be receiving free health insurance, as per the announcement by government authorities. The decision was taken after a long frenzied debate among the government associates.  

In view of amendments to the Health Insurance Act, the Ukrainian refugees will be enjoying the full range of medical care to be funded by NHIF. 


Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) earlier voted against the policy but, in the end, because the majority of associates from Boyko Borissov’s party supported the recommendation.   

Vazrazhdane political party also voted against the proposal. Meanwhile, a total of sixteen members of the GERB party and twelve of the Movement of Rights and Freedoms (DPS) abstained from voting. 

Elena Guncheva from Vazrazhdane asserted, “There are many other refugees, not only from Ukraine, this is discrimination, the health insurance will weigh on all of us.” 

Kostadin Angelov of GERB initially stated that his party was not in support of the proposal because there were queries about where the funding will come from.  

Professor Georgi Mihailov from the Bulgarian Socialist Party, while addressing GERB, stated, “You do not want to give humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainians in Bulgaria, but you want to give military aid; how does that work. This cannot be discrimination as it is for those who received temporary protection, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.”

Following the above statement, he added, “This is a terrible war between countries with a population of 150 million and 60 million. In the meantime, the behavior of both parties is totally inexcusable and unworthy.” 

On the other hand, a member of the We Continue the Change – Iskren Mitev, claimed that the funding of the proposal would be given from the unspent European funds. 


The sources of the government stated that the finance issues and providing Ukrainians with temporary protection would be resolved prior to the second reading.