Bulgarian Foreign Ministry compliments Finland for becoming 31st NATO Member

The Foreign Ministry of Bulgaria congratulated Finland on becoming the 31st part of NATO. Yesterday, on April 4, 2023, the Ministry congratulated Finland through its social media account by saying, "Congratulations to Finland, which today became the 31st full-fledged member of NATO. Joining the Alliance is a significant step towards establishing enduring security and capital in the Euro-Atlantic area

Bulgaria Will Not Join Eurozone in 2024

Bulgaria planned on joining the Eurogroup of euro area finance ministers in 2024. Still, the Eurogroup has recently rejected the plan because Bulgaria still needs to implement the necessary legislation and has been unable to control inflation

President Radev: World needs comprehensive strategy to stop Russo-Ukraine war & win peace afterwards

President Rumen Radev remarked that the ongoing war increases the threat to peace, security and stability in Bulgaria and the entire Europe

“A year of war between Russia & Ukraine, EU should focus on ending it”, President Radev

President Radev blew indirectly at Ukraine for always requesting weaponry and ammunition to fuel its fight there. Additionally, the head of state slammed western nations for arming Ukraine. He feels that arming Ukraine is not the solution and that doing so is like adding fuel to the fire

Minister Dimitrov extends condolences to Turkish Earthquake victims

Bulgarian Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov expressed his condolences to the Turkish people who lost their loved ones in Earthquakes. He stated that there is no data on injured or displaced Bulgarians in Turkey at the moment

Giving weapons to Ukraine means putting out fire with gasoline; President Radev

President Radev has shown their concerns over the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War. According to him, giving weapons means putting out the fire with gasoline. He commented that there would be many more casualties

10th round of sanctions mainly focused on closing loopholes; Von der Leyen

According to a news report by senior diplomats from Poland and Lithuania, the tenth package of EU sanctions on Russia and Belarus would include some restrictions on countries that violate those penalties, claims "Rzeczpospolita," Poland's top business and legal daily

Bulgaria didn’t sell any SU-25 to NATO; Ministry of Defense

The Ministry released this statement to the media in response to reports in "Bloomberg" that Bulgaria sold 14 SU-25 assault aircraft produced in the Soviet Union to NATO members, who then gave them to Ukraine

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Karlovo: Children participate in European Sports Week ‘BeActive’

Karlovo, Bulgaria: Hundreds of children in Karlovo took part in the European Week of Sport 'BeActive', reported the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports through its social media account
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Bulgarian Graphic Designer Vasil Angelov won first prize in “Graphics – Classical Techniques”

Vasil Angelov won first prize in the IV National Competition for "Graphics - Classical Techniques" - 2023. The Best Young Graphic Designer of the Year is a professor at the New Bulgarian University and is a prominent graphic designer part of the Print Nest graphic group

Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina signs Memorandum for Cooperation in Sports

Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herzegovina signed a Memorandum for Cooperation in the Field of Youth and Sports reported Bulgarian Ministry of Sports and youth informed through its social media account

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