NATO Secretary-General: Bulgaria has been a staunch ally
NATO Secretary-General: Bulgaria has been a staunch ally

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Secretary-General of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – Jens Stoltenberg, during his recent address, stated that Bulgaria’s contribution to the organization in the past time has been very significant. 

The Secretary-General was speaking during a video address on Wednesday, March 29, 2022, to the Speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, and the MPs on the affair of the 18th anniversary of Bulgaria’s acquisition of the NATO Alliance. 


In the video message, Stoltenberg stated, “Today, 18 years ago, your country became a member of our alliance, and Bulgaria has been a staunch ally ever since.”  

Following the statement, he then added, “Bulgaria’s contribution is even more significant at this crucial moment for our security. NATO allies condemn the war and call on President Putin to end it immediately, withdraw all his troops and turn to diplomacy.” 

“In reply to this new reality, NATO is focusing on strengthening its deterrence and defense capabilities. There are, at present, hundreds of thousands of forces on high alert throughout the NATO Alliance. There are 100,000 US troops in Europe and another 40,000 under the direct command of NATO, particularly on the eastern flank of the NATO Alliance, with strong air and naval help as well as air defense,” he further added.  

While speaking about sending troops to the European country, Stoltenberg cited, “Eurofighter fighter jets have been sent by Spain, and soon the Netherlands will also ship F-35s, working side by side with the Bulgarian Air Force. You are also creating a multinational NATO battle group. This is transatlantic solidarity in action, depicting a very clear message that – we are all united.”  

He then affirmed their support for Bulgaria, adding that the alliance has done and will make every possible effort to “defend Bulgaria and every inch of its allied territory, One for all and all for one.” He then added that the alliance could surely count on the commitment of the Bulgarian government to the organization in the forthcoming time.