Russian Ambassador Mitrofanova wishes Bulgaria on Liberation Day, compares country to Donbas
Russian Ambassador Mitrofanova wishes Bulgaria on Liberation Day, compares country to Donbas

Sofia, Bulgaria: Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova, while congratulating the government and people of Bulgaria on the occasion of country’s Liberation Day, compared the European nation with Donbas. Bulgaria commemorated ‘National Liberation Day on Thursday, March 3, 2022. 

Mitrofanova, in her speech, said the current problems or challenges which are being faced by the people of Donbas are similar to that of the Bulgarian people during the Ottoman yoke. She then highlighted how Bulgaria obtained its freedom.


The Ambassador noted, “Almost around 144 years ago, the historic San Stefano Peace Treaty was signed, ending the Russo-Turkish War and allowing Bulgarians to gain their long-awaited freedom. After the brutal squashing of the April Uprising, when the whole of Europe remained indifferent, it was the firm will consisting of Alexander II, the fearlessness of the Russian army and the valour of the Bulgarian militia that created the preconditions for the revival of Bulgaria. The march across the Danube has received support throughout Russian society”. 

She then spoke on the ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine, saying, “The Russian-Turkish war of liberation is an echo of today. The events in Ukraine are deterred by most of my compatriots in the same way as they were 144 years ago. As fair, long-awaited actions to protect the people of Donbas from the Nazi Kyiv regime, which indiscriminately killed civilians for eight years. Attempts to resolve the conflict through diplomacy have failed. Instead of listening to the peoples of the Luhansk and Donetsk republics and influencing the Ukrainian government, Western countries continued to arm Ukrainian fascist groups, inciting them to hostile action against the civilian population of Donbas.”

“We cannot accept such actions; they are contrary to our humane Christian values. On this day, I want to call on Bulgarians to think twice and not succumb to anti-Russian propaganda. A military operation is currently underway to denazify and demilitarize the Ukrainian criminal authorities, who have been waging war with their own people since 2014”. 

I remind you that Russia has never started wars in its history. It finished them. Convinced that our cause is just“, she then concluded her statement.