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EU: Building major hydrogen corridors will aid in phasing out Russian fossil fuels

The Commission also believes that by building major hydrogen corridors as well as making a significant investment in new hydrogen projects will reduce the gas supply reliance on Russian Federation.

Bulgarian Prime Minister meets Ukrainian refugees

Prime Minister of the European country - Kiril Petkov, met with the Ukrainian nationals who fled the nation amid the war situation with Russia.

Bulgaria not planning to increase NATO military existence on its territory

The Foreign Minister of Bulgaria - Teodora Genchovska, while addressing the media in Brussels, noted that the European country does not want to increase the military presence of NATO in its territory for now.  

Russian Ambassador Mitrofanova wishes Bulgaria on Liberation Day, compares country to Donbas

Ambassador noted, "Almost around 144 years ago, the historic San Stefano Peace Treaty was signed, ending the Russo-Turkish War and allowing Bulgarians to gain their long-awaited freedom."

Bulgaria expels 2 Russian diplomats for spying, Russia to take action

Bulgarian government authorities have expelled two Russian diplomats for spying after they received pieces of evidence against two.

Since Russian invasion, over 7,373 Ukrainian refugees entered Bulgaria’s border

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, since February 24, 2022, more than 7,373 Ukrainian refugees have entered the border of Bulgaria.

Hundreds of Russian skiers stranded in Bulgaria, finding ways to return home

According to the reports, hundreds of Russian skiers are stranded in Bulgaria in the hope to return back to their country.

Prime Minister Petkov removes Bulgaria’s Defence Minister for saying Russia’s invasion isn’t ‘war’

The Defence Minister of Bulgaria - Stefan Yanev, has been removed from the office after his statement on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Yanev stated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could not be called a "war".  

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Troubled Waters: Residents of Brestovitsa Protest Over Contaminated Tap Water

"There's no solution; we're dealing with it the same way as four years ago – with a lot of nerves, fetching water from wherever going to hospitals, and buying medicine. When the water isn't fit for drinking, health problems arise," Tomov expressed during an interview on bTV
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Bansko, Bulgaria’s Premier Mountain Resort, Emerges Victorious in Winter Tourism Revival

From the onset of December to April 15, Bansko witnessed a remarkable influx of visitors, resulting in over 656,000 overnight stays – a remarkable uptick compared to previous winter seasons

Dr Ernest Hilaire recognizes Johnathan and Aisha, force behind Jazz & Arts Festival

Each Caribbean Island is well known for the festivals. These highlight the rich and vibrant heritage of the country. Saint Lucia every year hosts a Jazz & Arts Festival that emerges to be not just an event but a mark of the country’s rich history. 

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Bulgaria witnesses red aurora lights, the rarest of a rare phenomenon

Bulgaria observes an unusual red glow in the skies believed to be red Aurora lights. The rare phenomenon causes multicoloured lights to dance in the sky. The red and magenta colours were the most dominant