Bulgaria expels 2 Russian diplomats for spying, Russia to take action
Bulgaria expels 2 Russian diplomats for spying, Russia to take action

Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgarian government authorities have expelled two Russian diplomats for spying after they received pieces of evidence against two. The authorities noted that both of them were entangled in the intelligence activities following the invasion of Russia in Ukraine.

In conversation with the reporters, Mitko Dimitrov, spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, noted that both of the diplomats had been given a deadline of 48 hours to leave the country. Sources stated that as per the office of the prosecutor, among one of the Russian diplomats obtained some confidential information from the sources in the Defence Ministry since the year2016.


In the time period of the last two years, at least eight (8) Russian diplomats, which also includes one technical assistant at the embassy in Sofia, have been ousted on the charges of espionage. Meanwhile, the previous year in the month of November, six nationals of Bulgaria (that also includes military intelligence officers) were arrested on similar charges of spying.

The news agency of Russia – TASS has noted that the Russian government will soon take actions against these expulsions of diplomats by the Bulgarian government. Although, it has yet not been clear what actions will be taken by the Russian administration.

Bulgaria has officially broken economic ties with the European country. The bilateral relations between both of the countries had not been on good terms for the past two years.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria – Kiril Petkov, cleared the air about fuel shortage and tweeted, “For no reason at the moment, there is a panic over fuels! One tanker was unloaded today; 2 more tankers are waiting to be unloaded at Lukoil. There is fuel, & there is no chance to stop or run out! Tomorrow I will call on the CPC to check who and how is speculating on prices!”.

In addition, Bulgaria pledged to stand with Ukraine and its people during the difficult times and has supplied humanitarian assistance as well as logistical aid to the country.