"Many Ukrainians are fighting for their land because they don't want anyone to liberate them from anything. I don't understand what we need to be liberated from".

Sofia, Bulgaria: Amid the Russian military invasion in Ukraine, the tensions of the Ukrainian diaspora living in Bulgaria has heightened, and they are worried about the safety of their loved ones. The diaspora is extending assistance to the needy ones by doing the best they can.

One such instance is provided by Maxim Dimitrov, who at the present time is residing in the capital city of Bulgaria (Sofia), but all of his family is in Ukraine.


Speaking on the current situation of the European nation as the Russian military initiated their operations, Dimitrov expressed his concern for his family and the other Ukrainian people. He said, “I think this insanity that is happening due to one person is horrific, and I believe that people have the wits in their head to think soberly enough and assess the situation”.

“Many Ukrainians are fighting for their land because they don’t want anyone to liberate them from anything. I don’t understand what we need to be liberated from”.

Dimitrov blamed the Russian President Vladimir Putin for the present situation of Ukraine, putting tens of thousands of lives of the individual at stake. He then told the media while suggesting that many individuals, including his family members, would “continue to resist the invasion”.

Meanwhile, Tatiana Arnaudova, who succeeded in fleeing Ukraine, and for the present time is in Varna, Bulgaria, stated, “My husband is in Ukraine, my family is in Ukraine and all my friends. My husband was born in Ukraine, and he has his parents there. He wants to defend his land, his business, everything”.

This is just a story of two individuals who are lucky enough to escape the country being invaded by the Russian military at the command of their President Putin.

Millions of lives are still at stake. Although, the embassies of different nations across the globe are making efforts and evacuating the stranded nationals or students from Ukraine. People in Ukraine are looking for a ray of hope which can save them and their country.