Bulgaria: 12 protests being held today in favour and against Cabinet
Bulgaria: 12 protests being held today in favour and against Cabinet

Sofia, Bulgaria: The political turmoil has heated the situation in Bulgaria, leading to large-scale protests in the country. As per the sources, at least 12 strikes will be conducted all across the Balkan state today, including anti as well as pro-government protests.

These strikes are being conducted by political parties, non-governmental organizations and Bulgarian citizens. It was announced last week that strikes would be conducted across the country for three consecutive days, that is – June 20, 21 and 22, ahead of the no-confidence motion debate to take place in the parliament. 

The IMRO activists led by Angel Djambazki today morning blocked the residence of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. Protest in favour of the ruling administration had already begun at 8 am today in front of the National Assembly. 

Meanwhile, the anti-government strike will be conducted around the National Assembly and the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. 

Protests will also be conducted at around 4 pm today against the rising fuel prices. Vazrazhdane party will commence its strike outside the parliament at around 5 pm. At nearly 6: 30 pm today, there will be a march in front of the National Assembly, showing support to the ruling government, which will also be joined by the Justice for Everyone. 

The series of protests ignited when the WCC national assembly speaker Nikola Minchev was removed from his position. 

Yesterday, the mass rally was attended by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov along with the Cabinet ministers, where PM interacted with media personnel as well as the general public.  

PM Petkov stated, “No matter what happens with the vote of no confidence, no matter what happens in the week in which we obtain the first mandate (to seek to form a government, if his falls), the truth is that you are the guarantor that our beloved homeland will not fall into uncertainty”.