Ukrainian Foreign Minister hands over list of needed weapons to Bulgaria
Ukrainian Foreign Minister hands over list of needed weapons to Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Foreign Minister of Ukraine – Dmytro Kuleba, during his visit to the European country, handed over a list of “weapons” that at the current time is required by the war-hit nation in their fight against Russia. The Minister himself verified the statement in an interview with a public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television on April 20, 2022. 

In relation to the request for the list, the Ukrainian Minister further notified that some of the Bulgarian government representatives were in favour of the appeal, while some were against it; therefore, the decision rest assured in the hands of the Balkan states’ Cabinet. 


Statement of Ukrainian Foreign Minister: 

“Every time when we are denied military assistance, there are more opportunities for Russia to kill our citizens, destroy their houses and rob their property. So those who speak openly or covertly against sending weapons to Ukraine share the guilt. It totally lies in your interest for us to win this war against the Russian military & for the refugees to be able to return home”.  

In view of Kuleba, the ones who stand against sending military aid to Ukraine are the ones who are “harming” their own nation, adding that the list which has been handed over to the Bulgarian administration is the same as the country provided to the European Union and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) – NATO member states. 

“Pray for Ukraine. Get your politicians to make the right decision,” the Ukrainian Minister cited as he urged the Bulgarian Population. 

As per Democratic Bulgaria, “Ukraine will win this war – 100%. We are obliged to consider the possibility of military-technical aid to Ukraine so that the Ukrainian citizens can safeguard the lives, freedom and honour of their citizens from Russian aggression. For us of Democratic Bulgaria, it is intolerable to see the war crimes, torture, rape, murder, civilians, which the Foreign Minister mentioned.”