Bulgaria's Tourism Minister asks Ukraine refugees to get themselves job
Bulgaria's Tourism Minister asks Ukraine refugees to get themselves job Bulgaria's Tourism Minister asks Ukraine refugees to get themselves job

Sofia, Bulgaria: The Bulgarian Minister of Tourism – Hristo Prodanov, in his recent statement, noted that the country provided shelter to the Ukrainian refugees for three months, adding that it is essential for them now to step out and get themselves a job.  

The Tourism Minister stated, “I will urge that the program to assist hoteliers sheltering Ukrainian refugees be completed after 31 May 2022. We have shown humanity to these people fleeing the war; we have helped, we have accommodated them, and we have taken care of them for three months. Then it is crucial for them to enter the labour market, to find accommodation, to pay rent, to live like everyone else”.  


As per the Bulgarian Tourism Minister, of the total Ukraine refugees he met, there are 6,000 people who are ready to start working instantly in the hotel and restaurant sector. The additional expenditure has been paid to the hotels providing shelter to Ukrainian nationals who fled the war, according to the Tourism Minister. 

Meanwhile, according to the data shared by the UNHRC (UN refugee agency), to date, more than 5 million people have fled Ukraine, while over 7 million have been displaced within the country. 

There are around 12.65 million who are estimated to be directly impacted by the war, stranded in a war zone or unable to leave, as per data shared by UNHRC. 

Ukraine needs peace,” the agency added. 

UN High Commissioner for Refugees – Filippo Grandi stated, “5 million people have now fled Ukraine. They have left behind their homes and families. Many would do anything, and some even risk going back to see their loved ones. But every new attack shatters their hopes. Only an end to the war can pave the way for rebuilding their lives”. 

Besides this, the Secretary-General of the United Nations – António Guterres, asserted, “I am calling for an Orthodox Holy Week humanitarian pause to the war in Ukraine. I urge all parties – and all champions of peace around the world — to join my Easter appeal. Save lives. Stop the bloodshed & destruction. Open a window for – dialogue & peace”.