PM Petkov reassures to safeguard rights of Bulgarian diaspora in North Macedonia
PM Petkov reassures to safeguard rights of Bulgarian diaspora in North Macedonia.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Prime Minister Kiril Petkov reaffirmed the position of Bulgaria and assured to safeguard the rights of its’ diaspora living in North Macedonia. 

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov met with the Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, during which both the dignitaries held shaping discussions on North Macedonia and its European Union path. Varhelyi arrived in the capital city of Sofia yesterday, June 9, 2022, and was warmly welcomed by the leader of the Balkan state. 


“I have clearly reconfirmed the Bulgarian position: respect for the framework position, the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution of North Macedonia in order to protect their rights, implementation of the Friendship Treaty”.  

“Today, I clearly stated to the Bulgarian citizens and Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi that Bulgaria confirms its position on the topic of Northern Macedonia”. 

PM Petkov then underlined three requirements for the progress between the two nations, which are as below – 

  • Compliance with the Framework Position adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament
  • Inclusion of Bulgarians in Northern Macedonia in the Constitution of the Republic of Northern Macedonia in order to protect their rights
  • The Neighborhood Agreement is to be implemented. 

He added that both countries are working in an alliance to see if the EU can be a guarantor of the mentioned three conditions. 

In addition, earlier this month, an attack was witnessed at the Bulgarian arson of the Ivan Mihailov Cultural Club in Bitola, North Macedonia. The front door of the club was totally burnt off by fire. The whole club was set on fire. A police investigation was immediately commenced into the case. 

Following the attack, Bulgarian foreign minister Teodora Genchovska visited North Macedonia and assured the Bulgarians about their safety. 


The Bulgarian Prime Minister called the strike an attempt to provoke and annihilate relations between the two countries.