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BSP leader: President Radev isn’t satisfied, seeks real power

Targeting President Radev, she then highlights that the presidential institution is not enough for him; therefore, he seeks more power.  

PM Petkov welcomes parliament’s decision of accepting French proposal for North Macedonia

The Prime Minister Petkov is in Brussels and attended the EUCO meet, where he appreciated the efforts of every single individual in achieving this. 

It’s a tough few days ahead: Bulgaria’s former PM Petkov

As per the leader of the, We Continue the Change (WCC), the corruption interests as well as pro-Russian influence in the Balkan country come together to bring his government down. 

Collapse of Bulgarian govt as it fails to stand no confidence motion

Failing to show a majority in the National Assembly, the government of Bulgaria will have to resign. Country's President Rumen Radev will have to start consultations with the parties in the National Assembly. 

PM Petkov reassures to safeguard rights of Bulgarian diaspora in North Macedonia

"I have clearly reconfirmed the Bulgarian position: respect for the framework position, the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution of North Macedonia in order to protect their rights, implementation of the Friendship Treaty".

PM Petkov condemns attack done on Ivan Mihailov Cultural Club in North Macedonia

He stated, "I strongly condemn the arson of the Ivan Mihailov Cultural Club in Bitola, an attempt to provoke and destabilize our relations with our neighbours. The Bulgarian Foreign Minister travels to Bitola to get acquainted with the damage on the spot".

Bulgaria: PM Petkov meets several leaders on sideline of GLOBSEC summit

The meeting was held on the sidelines of the European Council summit, during which the Bulgarian Prime Minister also met with other leaders of different countries.

PM Petkov: Bulgaria can’t continue providing luxury stay to Ukraine refugees

This statement is provided by the deputy prime minister as many of the Ukraine refugees refused to live in the European country and left the article.

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Affordable Coastal Living: Varna, Bulgaria Emerges as a Top Destination

Ranked sixth among global beach communities for its affordability and lifestyle, Varna offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and modern amenities that appeal to retirees and digital nomads alike
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Bulgarian NRA Reminds Citizens: Withhold Payment Until Receipt is Issued

The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency (NRA) has issued a timely reminder to citizens, emphasizing their right to withhold payment from merchants until a receipt is provided

Bulgarian Cities Gear Up for National “Walk for the Family” Event

Plovdiv's celebration will start at 18:00 at "Apteka Maritsa" square, bringing together participants from all walks of life to enjoy the day and stand united in support of family values

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