EU appeals Bulgaria-North Macedonia to resolve diplomatic conflicts
EU appeals Bulgaria-North Macedonia to resolve diplomatic conflicts

Sofia, Bulgaria: The European Union has urged the government of Bulgaria to resolve their conflicts with North Macedonia via bilateral talks. The appeal has been made by the EU as the Commission seeks to establish and build unity following the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

European Commission President – Ursula von der Leyen, while in conversation with the media, cited, “The current times are very special as well as very challenging and also very turbulent, which will eventually determine the future of Europe region.” 

She then added, “Nothing will be the same anymore, as it was before the war, after the war. And to keep promises to our friends & partners who count on us is very significant. 

In addition to this, she also praised the efforts of Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and tweeted, “Thank you, Prime Minister @KirilPetkov. We need Bulgaria on board on the road towards climate neutrality in the EU. And I am glad to see what ambitious reforms the recovery plan includes. It will make Bulgaria greener and more resilient.” 

EU has also granted a green signal for the reconstruction and development plan of the Balkan state, saying “it is one of the greatest plans EU ever has approved so far.” The Commission has also assured their support to Bulgaria to make “NextGenerationEU” a real success towards a more sustainable future.  

Earlier speaking this month, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Petkov put the blame on Russian intelligence for their current status with North Macedonia, saying that Russia’s sole purpose always has been to apart and put barriers in the way of Western Balkans of having a European future. 

PM Petkov cited, “It has been conveyed to me that Russian spies have worked particularly against relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Someone is trying to wrongfully represent the interests of our nation.”  

To solve bilateral disputes and bolster their ties, the Prime Minister of North Macedonia – Dimitar Kovachevski, met with PM Petkov on March 28, 2022, in the capital city of Sofia.