World Bank commends Bulgarian govt for its efforts in supporting Ukraine
World Bank commends Bulgarian govt for its efforts in supporting Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kiril Petkov, met with the President of the World Bank, David Malpass yesterday May 9, 2022. The meeting witnessed dialogues on the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war on other countries, including Bulgaria. 

Prime Minister Petkov stated, “Very pleased to meet President of the World Bank David Malpass today. We have discussed the implications of the war to Bulgaria & the government’s support to those fleeing the war. Reestablishing the relations between Bulgaria and World Bank was on focus”.  


Since the beginning of the war between Russia-Ukraine, the Bulgarian government has shown great support to the Ukraine refugees by providing them shelter as well as temporary health protection, including other assistance. 

The President of the World Bank further expressed delight over meeting with the Bulgarian Prime Minister and cited, “This afternoon, I was happy to meet with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov of Bulgaria. We discussed Bulgaria’s generous support for Ukrainian refugees, energy sector diversification & World Bank Group support”. 

World Bank has commended the Bulgarian administration for their continuous support to the war-hit country. Discussions were also held on the present energy issues. 

The President of the World Bank further reaffirmed the organisations Group’s commitment to a strong partnership with Bulgaria.  

On the other hand, asking for monetary assistance from the World Bank, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said, “With your financial support, we will quickly rebuild our nation“.   


To stop the war now and to liberate our territory from the Russian invaders is the sole secure path to stop the development of a food crisis. The Russian military is aimed at destroying all objects in Ukraine that can serve as an economic base for life. That includes railroad stations, food warehouses, oil refineries, etc.“, he then added. 

The Ukraine President said that the country is in urgent need of $7 billion each month to make up for the economic losses the war-torn country has suffered. 

The war between Russia and Ukraine has now entered its 76th day.