Bulgaria: Deputy Prime Minister Ninova calls Russia a friendly nation
Bulgaria: Deputy Prime Minister Ninova calls Russia a friendly nation

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader and Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kornelia Ninova, thinks that Russia is a “friendly nation” toward the Balkan state, adding that the majority of the country’s population possesses the same opinion. The remarks were made by the Economic Minister during a recent interview.    

She then added that most of the Bulgarian population does not want its administration to supply military aid to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. 


Following the above statement, the minister further added, “I wonder how the president can say these words – he knows that the export contracts have been concluded by his own official cabinets. This is manipulation & suggestion”. 

Speaking on the request she made to postpone the oil embargo on Russia, the deputy prime minister putting ahead question in front of the Bulgarian government cited, “Russia would find alternatives for the output of its raw materials. What will we do then?”.  

This is not the first time when the BSP leader is speaking in favour of the Russian Federation. The previous month, Ninova underscored that the restrictions put against Russia by Bulgaria and the other European nations are ‘harmful.’ 

“Time has shown that sanctions against – Russia are harmful to Bulgaria and Europe, & a softening has begun there will be no oil, no gas, and no Russian ships carrying energy carriers. The European leaders have realized what such hard sanctions mean”, she then asserted, adding that although no direct threat has been sensed by experts from Russia.

Recently a letter containing six requests from the Ukrainian President was unfolded in the sitting of the Bulgarian Parliament, following which the Balkan states’ administration mandated providing required assistance to the war-hit country, which also included repairing the military equipment of Ukraine in Bulgaria. 

“On the one hand, all military experts & analysts claim that there is no direct military threat to Bulgaria, and on the other hand – Let the Dutch fighters come to safeguard us. From what, if there is – no direct threat? Looking for logic in politics, as rarely as – If it happens, we from BSP say that there is no requirement for it now”, the deputy prime minister earlier said.