BSP leader confirms party's alliance with Bulgaria's coalition government
BSP leader confirms party's alliance with Bulgaria's coalition government

Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party – (BSP), Kornelia Ninova, in her recent statement, confirmed her party’s alliance with the Bulgarian coalition government. The remarks were made by the leader today, May 1, 2022.

The full statement of the leader is below, which came days after she threatened to withdraw BSP’s support from the coalition if weapons or any other military assistance were being sent to Ukraine. The parliament will be open on May 4, 2022, to discuss on the matter of supplying arms to the war-hit nation.


Ninova stated, “We would continue in the government to aid a new increased minimum wage, recalculation of all the pensions, support for Bulgarian plants & factories – to be able to pay for electricity and new gas prices”.

“BSP desired support for Bulgarian agricultural producers so that the Bulgarian fertile land can feed the population of Bulgaria. This is our mission in the government of the – Republic of Bulgaria” following the above statement, she then added.

“And you can count – on us to continue with – this policy – in defence of the Bulgarian economy and industry, Bulgarian jobs. During the past months, we managed, with joint efforts, to freeze electricity prices for household consumers and families, increase the minimum wage, increase maternity, to provide free kindergartens for children, to raise food vouchers from 80 to 200 leva, & with them to be able to pay household expenses, to help hospitals in remote places and make them protected”.

“But inflation is rising, and what we have done is not enough. Perhaps understandably, war is the focus of our attention. Many want weapons for Ukrainians. We want bread for the Bulgarians. We want peace. We want jobs for Bulgarian factories, jobs for Bulgarian workers, decent incomes for these people, and high pensions. That is why our journey will continue”.