This years' Europe Day is dedicated to Ukraine
This years' Europe Day is dedicated to Ukraine

The countries of the European region are observing “Europe Day” today, on May 9, 2022, which was initially started in 1964. European leaders marked the significance of the European Union and have wished for regions’ populations on occasion.

This year’s Europe Day is being dedicated to the war-hit country Ukraine and its population, who had been forced to flee their land amid the Russian military’s invasion.


Below are the messages extended by European dignitaries and the EU:

The official Twitter handle of the Europe Council asserted, “We dedicate this year’s Europe Day to the people of Ukraine – a message from the 27 Permanent Representatives to the European Union. Peace is at the heart of the European Union. On Europe Day, we stand in solidarity with Ukraine”.

“On this day in 1950, the foundations were laid for the European Union. The Schuman Declaration proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community based on two core principles: peace & solidarity”.

Meanwhile, the President of the European Commission stated, “Tonight, on the eve of Europe Day, our buildings are shining bright with the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Shining as bright as our hope to see peace return to Europe. And to start weaving our common future with our Ukrainian friends”.

“Europe is a dream. And it shines brightest in the eyes of all those young Ukrainians who have found refuge in Europe. The future of Europe is your future. The future of our democracy is the – future of your democracy. With the Conference on the Future of Europe, Europeans have shown that they want to build a better future by living up to the most enduring promises of the past. Promises of peace and prosperity, fairness and progress”, she then underscored.

“Today is Europe Day. It marks the – 72nd anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, a beginning point for the EU as we know it today. Only through unity & solidarity are we able to maintain the European project. Together we are stronger”, tweeted European Commission.