Ukraine Foreign Minister: Russia struggles to advance and suffers terrible losses
Ukraine Foreign Minister: Russia struggles to advance and suffers terrible losses

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, in his recent statement, cited that Russia, at the present time, is struggling to advance and suffering terrible losses. The statement of the Ukraine Minister comes today (Wednesday, May 4, 2022).

Minister Kuleba asserted, “Russia struggles to advance and suffers terrible losses. Thus the desperate missile terror across Ukraine. But we are not afraid, and the world should not be afraid either. More sanctions on Russia. More heavy weapons for Ukraine. Russia’s missile terrorism must be punished”.


The Minister then appreciated the efforts of counties who are standing firm with the war-hit country in such difficult times of need by providing shelter to the Ukrainian refugees.

“Ukraine would always remember what our Slovak friends did for us. Warm welcome for the Ukrainians fleeing the war, humanitarian aid, arms supplies, support for granting Ukraine EU candidate status & permitting tariff-free exports to the EU. We are lucky to have Slovakia as a neighbour”, underscored Kuleba.

Today is the 70th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his new move, has now blamed Ukraine for not taking talks in a serious manner with the purpose of ending the war.

Not only this, but Putin, in conversation with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, warned the West to halt supplying arms or any military assistance to Ukraine.

He asserted, “The West could aid stop these atrocities by putting relevant pressure on the Kyiv authorities, as well as stopping the supply of weapons to Ukraine”.


Following the above statement, he added that “Russia is still open to dialogue with Ukraine”. The war so far has forced nearly 6 million Ukraine nationals to flee the country amid the Russian military’s invasion. Although, the neighbouring states, especially member states of the European Union, have shown their support to the war-torn country.