Over 100,000 Ukraine refugees enters Bulgaria borders since Russian invasion
Over 100,000 Ukraine refugees enters Bulgaria borders since Russian invasion.

Following the 67 days long Russia-Ukraine war, still, the Ukrainian refugees are fleeing the country and seeking to settle in other countries. To date, in Bulgaria, more than 100,000 Ukrainian nationals entered, according to the official data presented.

Of the total number of Ukrainian refugees as of May 2, 2022 – which is – 100,686, there are a total of 87, 534 war-hit country nationals who have registered themselves for the temporary protection. This status provides one refugee with the right to work, access to health care, and education in the particular nation they are residing in or taking shelter.

For the cause, the European Union has also increased the allocated sum amounts to the member states so that they can provide Ukrainian refugees with adequate basic facilities for their survival, including education.

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Hristo Prodanov shared the data and notified that, so far, at least 30,000 Ukraine refugees are currently in the seaside resorts of the Balkan state.

Minister stated, “None of them will stay on the streets. We will speak to hoteliers to accommodate them if there are not enough places in the state properties”.

UNHCR agency’s data cites that as of yesterday (May 1, 2022), more than 5.5 million Ukrainians have left the country since the war between Russia and Ukraine commenced.

“This week, UNHCR Ukraine’s team visited Irpin, Bucha & Borodyanka with local authorities to start initial assessments of the housing needs. We saw a significant number of damaged & destroyed homes. Many families returning to these areas will need urgent housing support”, the UN’s refugee agency further cites.

“Based on our initial assessments, we delivered 2000 emergency shelter kits with basic construction materials like tarpaulin, wooden beams & nails to people in Irpin, Bucha & Borodyanka & Makariv whose homes were damaged by the war. Further assessments & support to follow”.