Vasil Gerov receives donations from sculptor Diana-Maria Rainova

On June 13, 2023, in Vasil Gerov's "National Donation Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria" received a donation from sculptor Diana-Maria Rainova. It contains works by her father - estate and cosmopolitan sculptor Boyan Rainov, her mother - sculptor Stella Rainova, and her plastic

Exhibition of Theodor Ushev in France to begin from June 2

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris informs about its successful cooperation with the Museums in Ancy, which are organizing a large exhibition presenting the work of the Bulgarian artist Teodor Ushev from June 2 to October 2 this year

Zelenska appreciates European nations for their assistance through online meeting

On December 22, Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine, held an online meeting with numerous other first ladies of European countries

Macron: France to mobilise International assistance for Ukraine on December 13

In a statement, President Emanuel Macron highlighted that France will mobilise international assistance to Ukraine on December 13 in order to support Ukraine's resilience in the face of Russian aggression. He said France decided to help Ukraine restore access to energy by repairing its electrical systems

G20 Summit: President Macron urged Putin to resume Grain exports to Black Sea

President Emanuel Macron sent an obvious message to Russian President Vladimir Putin to renew the agreement of grain exports to the black sea in a speech during the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. He stated, "Destabilization of our food chain is one of the main risks of the war in Ukraine

Shooting at Russian training base left 11 dead, 15 injured

A shooting at a Russian training base close to the Ukrainian border left 11 individuals dead and 15 more injured. A group of volunteers who intended to fight in Ukraine on the side of Russia came in contact after two assailants opened fire

Ukraine Foreign Minister: Russia struggles to advance and suffers terrible losses

The Minister then appreciated the efforts of counties who are standing firm with the war-hit country in such difficult times of need by providing shelter to the Ukrainian refugees.

EU distributes €3.5 billion to member states for offering basic necessities to Ukraine refugees

The Commission providing the information asserted, "People fleeing the war in Ukraine need our immediate support. We have paid €3.5 billion to help EU countries welcome refugees so they can offer food, accommodation, healthcare, education, jobs and more to those in need". 

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Saint Lucia among seven venues to host ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Castries, Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, proudly announced that Saint Lucia is named a host venue for the 2024 ICC - International Cricket Council Men’s T20 World Cup scheduled to take place in June 2024
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Bulgaria: Vladi Zografski holds first place in Grand Prix chain

Vladi Zografski continued his dominance in the summer ski jumping Grand Prix. At the slight chance in Rashnov (Romania), our national team won dramatically against yesterday's winner Gregor Deshvanden (Switzerland)

Sofia: Construction of multifunctional sports hall begins in Lyulin district

Sofia, Bulgaria: Georgi Valentinov Georgiev, chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council, informed through his social media account that on September 21, 2023, the Metropolitan Municipality started the construction of a new multifunctional sports hall in 56 SU in the Lyulin district

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s hidden gem with 3,000 years of history & architecture influenced by 3 different continents

Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Known as Bulgaria's ancient city built around seen hills, Plovdiv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and worldwide. The region has more than 3,000 years of history and architecture influenced by three continents; there's nowhere else like it

12 Reasons Why Cities Need More Trees

It is essential for the world to plant a trillion more trees to prevent a climate crisis and reduce temperatures. The lack of trees and failure to produce new ones has lead to soil erosion, increased temperatures, and several other issues that the world is currently facing. Here are the 12 reasons mentioned below why planting more trees is essential